When Dreams Walk

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My family is in one of those seasons when we feel like pinching ourselves to make sure we’re not dreaming.

Noah’s graduation from Berea College is a real point of celebration, of course, and his recent job landing in Japan is quite the icing on the cake. (We are already hatching a plan to visit him next year.) Ian navigated his freshman year at University of Louisville and now awaits his month in Chile for another semester’s credits this summer.

     While no few people roll their eyes and wonder how we’ll ever live with them so far away, these are exactly the endings I wanted for their childhoods. At least for a season, I hoped they would get to experience some of what I experienced in education and foreign travel (they, however, were not interested in the Marine Corps travel plan). The world is theirs, it seems. And so I feel like a man who has had valued prayers answered.

     I wish I could tell you that I was never worried about my kids and the times and the challenges, but this is patently untrue. I worried about quite a few things in their childhoods, most of which proved irrational. And I also worried about the many, many limits I saw to these prayers coming to light. I might also add that I always saw myself as one of these limits; you just never feel like you’ve done enough to help your kids, do you?

     I can say today that God’s version of “limits” is certainly different than mine. He was faithful to me, my family, and our church through dozens of crises and potential crises. What I feel today is great thankfulness. The task was always larger than our hands, and we benefited greatly from so many, many people in the church and community.

     As I sat in Daniel Young’s ordination council, I mentioned to him that I used to think far too much about the work I was to do in the congregation rather than the work God planned to do in me through this congregation. All of us in the room made sure he understood that the relationship between ministers and congregation is not a one-way street. Again, I believe I gain far more from this church than I ever grant it. It is a gift to believe that and say it. And mean it.

     On behalf of my family, I thank you for such grace. This rich family season has happened among you and because of you.

Children’s Ministry

·        Vacation Bible School is rumbling our way: June 2-6, 5:30-8:15 PM.

Please join us in any way or form you have time or resource!

·        Wednesday Nite KidZone is still unfolding with great attendance and kids earning Bibles by 4-week perfect attendance requirements. The even-ings include Bible teaching, craft, and outdoor activities.

·        Family outings and youth camps are scheduled throughout the summer and hold real promise for learning and family fellowship.

·        Our support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Carroll County translates into great promise for children!

May Events

[ ] May 2: National Day of Prayer

     There are many avenues for this celebration both privately and nationally. Seek a personal way to give thanks for the opportunities given us in this nation.

[ ] May 2 Young at Heart

     Our monthly dinner and program for seniors is always a gathering worth your time. This month we eat at “mi Viejo” in Carrollton.

[ ] Anthony Mossburg May 4-6

     This familiar friend and recording artist is with us for the weekend and performing in the community and at church for the youth.

[ ] May 12 Mother’s Day

     Beyond the special nature of the day, we also award the family memorial scholarships on Sunday in the 11 AM worship hour.

[ ] May 12 Baby Bottles: Haven of Hope

     This annual fundraiser calls for us to bring in loose change to help this supporting group of friends for young mothers.

[ ] May 19 High School Graduation

     This is an annual affair of distinction for our kids and teachers alike. Graduation begins at 2:30 PM at the gymnasium.

[ ] May 18  1-Day Witnessing Workshop

     Ghent Baptist Church hosts this meeting at 9 AM and concluding at 1 PM. Lunch is $5.

[ ] May 22 End of Year Bash

     Youth conclude the school year’s with a blow-out at the church. See Jay for details.


Church Web Site


     Make time to look it up and peruse his work. We would appreciate suggestions. You can also keep caught up with events on Facebook @ First Baptist Church of Carrollton, KY.

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