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In the time of Herod

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In the Time of Herod

In those days, Caesar Augustus issued a decree… Luke 2:1

These names are just names to us today, but in the time of the events of the birth of Christ, they were not just names. They were larger-than-life figures with power we can hardly imagine today. These men were feared for good reason, for they had authority. Their favor was like winning the lottery; likewise, their wrath was like a death-sentence. We can presume that no few people went to their beds wondering what whim or conviction men like these might imagine and bring to pass when light dawned.

We know a little bit of that fear. But just a little.

The common folk of that day could hardly imagine the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today, and neither could they fathom just how much actual control we’re able to exercise in our lives. It might take them a while to understand that in this world of knowledge stacked to the ceiling we’re still scared. And if they stayed close, they would see that we’re often as scared as they were.

It’s still a world of big names and powers, and we do wonder as we awake what surprises await us from the decisions of larger-than-life figures. But. Our difference in this age is that we are on the other side of the birth of the Messiah, not to mention his death and resurrection. There are big names and big plans about, but the Child in the manger is still the story that moves us forward through life and time. Herod is gone. Caesar Augustus is gone. Christ remains.

Christ is the great name, the first name, the lasting name.

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December News @ First Baptist

December News

Many, many thanks to the servants who led the charge on Operation Christmas Child this year! Great work.

Boxes will soon land. J

Lottie Moon week of prayer and Christmas offering 2012

Our week of prayer for our foreign missionaries is Dec. 2-8

Our Christmas offering takes place all December and goes to the work of missions around the world


Our angel tree is set to go up in the church foyer. We’ll have angels and sign-up sheets and a return date for the gifts available the first Sunday in December.

Clothe-a-Child is also a great use of your resources for the community.


Christmas Worship

Sunday Mornings:

Advent Celebration

Children’s worship

Sermons: “Jesus and Expectations”

Bell Choir Dec. 9 11 AM

Christmas Eve worship 8 PM

Monday, Dec. 24

Happy December Birthday

Dec. 1 Don Mead, 3007 Quinn Court; Andrea Marsh

Dec. 2 John Licklider, 1433 Hwy 36E; Gene Vannarsdall, 405 4th Street

Dec. 3 Elaine Stephenson, 2477 Hwy 42W; Judy Montague, 3011 Highland Avenue; Evan Mefford, 2014 Fox Run Road

Dec. 5 Martha Spenneberg, PO Box 192; Tony Meadows

Dec. 7 Mark Mefford, 3504 Kings Ridge, Bedford 40006; Todd Palmer

Dec. 10 Vickie Hopper

Dec. 11 Virginia Johnson, 313 Port William; Tina Meadows; Whitney Harrison

Dec. 12 Kevin States, 110 Dakota Circle; Mary Wilson West

Dec. 15 Ethel McClure, 805 8th Street

Dec. 16 Hailey Robbins, 101 RD Kendall Road, Bedford 40006; Andrew Sisenstein, 389 Banks Drive, Milton 40045

Dec. 17 Lynn Sabelhaus, PO Box 372

Dec. 18 Luis Zarate; Ocean Hinshaw

Dec. 20 Alex Jeffrey, 313 Grobmyer

Dec. 21 Danielle Davis, 43 Kemper Lane

Dec. 22 John Tilley, 321 Deatherage; Mary Ann Craig, 2727 Highland Avenue; Chad Franklin, 5473 Hwy 36E, Sanders 41083

Dec. 24 Zachary Vannarsdall; Victorino Tapia

Dec. 28 Jenna McNeal, 250 Woodlawn

Dec. 30 Jay Montgomery, 801 Sycamore Street

Dec. 31 Paul Cutshaw, 700 Highland

Servant Opportunities for December, 2012

Deacon of the week

Dec. 2 David Wilhoite

Dec. 9 David Mefford

Dec. 16 David Allen

Dec. 23 Brad McNeal

Dec. 30 Roger Williams


Dec. 2 Charlie & Janice Spencer

Dec. 9 Earl & Dorothy Floyd

Dec. 16 Jim & Elaine Stephenson

Dec. 23 Tom & Staycee Castelein

Dec. 30 Bill & Pat Welty


Dec. 2 Stacie Darnold

Dec. 9 Lora Pelston & Erin Mahoney

Dec. 16 Glenda Hopper & Deb Lewellyn

Dec. 23 Pat Welty & Susan Benecke

Dec. 30 Pam Williams

We need some volunteers

Children’s Church

Dec. 2 Jay Montgomery

Dec. 9 Ron & Kim Perkinson

Dec. 16 Jeff & Chaz Robbins

Dec. 23 Chad & Angela Franklin

Dec. 30 Rob & Tracey McBurney

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