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The Unconfessed Sin

The recession has been with us longer than we anticipated, and certainly longer than we wanted. Even the legendary optimism of America has wearied. But we run the risk of something greater than a slowdown in our economy: a virtual loss of perspective. Beyond our amnesia toward the truly, truly poor of the world. (Haiti, anyone?)

We run the risk of forgetting the rich grace of God afforded all of us-no matter our nation or economic prospects. More and more, we sound like people who have nothing, and that could not be farther from the truth. To this end we'll give Sunday mornings to thanks-giving themes. People with true gratitude are free people. Join us for gatherings of worship that reflect our gratitude to God.

  • October 30: Why Does God require thanks? Matt. 1:1-17
    Not only does He like it, He expects it. What gives?

  • November 6: How can I be thankful for my past? Ps. 107
    Life is complicated and people and pressures litter our past, so much so that we may not see God back there. But He was.

  • November 13: Growing in gratitude for my family
    There is no more complicated piece of life than family. But is not the case that gratitude comes naturally for our kin. God will make a way.

  • November 20 Appreciating My People Romans 16
    Paul's closing chapter to the church at Rome is a rich reminder of the many people we need and can thank for the grace in our lives.

How do I make Thanksgiving about thanks and giving?


  • Fill a shoe-box or two for Operation Christmas Child. Boxes are available.

  • Start a thanksgiving jar that holds one-line notes of thanks to God. Revisit the jar to read your notes each week. You will be amazed.

  • Go all out this year for Scouting for Food. You may also want to come to the Rotary pancake breakfast Nov. 19 at Down on Main to benefit the food pantry.

  • Reach out to your family in new ways. Put away old grudges and judgments and offer agape love (1 Cor. 13). Let it be enough that in this world of 6 billion people these handful of persons are uniquely related to you.

  • Make a plan of grace for Thanksgiving this year: connect with family through a word of encouragement.

  • End each day with a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Be specific. Reach back and connect the many dots that move your life forward.

  • Find a community service near or far away and make it your act of worship for the season.

2012 Budget Approval

Please join us for Family Night and business meeting on November 16 at 6:30 PM. It is always a great meal.

Web Site: Under construction

Our newest church member, Matt Brown, is currently leading the charge on a new web site for the church. You will be excited with his work. Beyond the basic schedule of events, you'll also get to see pictures, read blogs, and find book and life recommendations. Please keep your eyes open for this great addition to the church.

Mark your calendar: December 18

Christmas Cantata

This is the day of the Christmas Cantata for 2011. Our choir is preparing a worshipful event for us all. They look forward to seeing you.

November 27 Advent Begins

Advent is our way of building the anticipation for Christmas and reminding ourselves of the Christ at the center.


Please make every effort to worship Christ through worship with your church family this year.

Note, too, that Christmas is on a Sunday this year. It will be even more worshipful with a gathering on our very day of celebration.

Christmas Dinners

  • Church-wide Christmas Dinner
    Dec. 7 @ 6:30 PM

  • Deacons & spouse Christmas Dinner
    Jewell's, Dec. 8 @ 6:30 PM Please contact Roger Williams.

Servant Opportunities for November, 2011

  • Deacon of the week
    Nov. 6 Brad McNeal
    Nov. 13 Roger Williams
    Nov. 20 Dean Hartley
    Nov. 27 Vernon States

  • Greeters
    Nov. 6 Jeff & Debbie Cull
    Nov. 13 Dave & Robin Huesman
    Nov. 20 David & Debbie Wilhoite
    Nov. 27 Harold & Peggy Wiley

  • Nursery Nov. 6 Charles & Jana Wilson
    Nov. 13 Pam Williams & Sandy Hirn
    Nov. 20 Robin Smith & Debbie Cull
    Nov. 27 Chas Robbins & Andrea Williams
      We need some volunteers

  • Children's Church
    Nov. 6 Jeff & Chas Robbins
    Nov. 13 Chad & Angela Franklin
    Nov. 20 Rob & Tracey McBurney
    Nov. 27 Matt & Kristine Brown

November Birthdays


    Church family with birthdays in November can now be found on the Church Calender page of the website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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