Ruth's Prayer Requests

by Ruth Dreher

Please pray for Donnie who is suffering from major depressive disorder and panic disorder. He also has a brain injury and is needing healing of it.

Please pray for B.J. and Marie S. Please pray for B.J's knee and also pray that their marriage stays solid and strong and that they not separate.

Please pray for Charlie G. that he receive healing for his heart and liver so that his coloring return to normal.

Please pray for Darla D. that she find the husband that she has been saving herself for.

I am not requesting prayer for my mom and I b/c we are intercessorers and we believe that when we water someone else's garden we get our own garden watered.

P.S. Please pray for Rebeccah who just lost her 82 year old mom. Rebeccah just got out of the hospital recently and has heart problems.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST:Jim will be having surgery on his legs cleaning out his arteries. He also is in a lot of pain b/c he broke his back.

I know that these are alot of prayer requests but thank you b/c they are all needed.

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