Prayer for my son who needs salvation

by R.Y. Lunsford

I have a 22 yr old son who got into an accident while in the service and they almost amputated his leg.

They saved it by putting in a rod from his hip to knee. They gave him pain med. For only two weeks after that kind of intense surgery. Not that we want our son getting addicted to pain pills. But if you've never experienced chronic pain (I have and do everyday), two weeks wasn't efficient for the pain he was experiencing.

He was medically discharged. He started self medicating with alcohol, and he's literally stayed drunk for the past year. He got a DUI and was in a couple of fights, and hurt one guy pretty bad, and while severely intoxicated not knowing what he was doing, stole a car until it ran out of gas, then stole another.

When he started sobering up a little and realized what he had done, and seeing blood all in the car, from slitting his wrist's down to the bone. He pulled into a hospital. He turned himself in. Apologized to one lady for what he had done.

My son is very handsome and loveable. These things he did were not him at all. So he's in jail awaiting his hearing as to what his sentence will be. He needed a wake up call, and we know that. He is young, and had never been in trouble for anything before he started self medicating his pain.

He's in pain now, all of the time, in his hip. The rod they placed inside him was a bit too long, and it hurts his hip very bad.

Please pray for his pain issue as well. God Bless You All, and other's requests. From a sister in the Lord.

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