Please pray for my aunt Kim

by Matt Brown

My Aunt Kim Bates has been having difficulty breathing for the past several months. Her doctor recently diagnosed her with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

While her doctor says her condition is treatable, she is having a very difficult time accepting her prognosis. Her nerves are now getting the best of her and she has been hospitalized for her anxiety.

Please pray that God will help my aunt through this difficult time.

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Apr 02, 2012
Aunt Kim
by: Bret Ryan

I will add her to my prayer list.

Apr 12, 2012
by: Bret Ryan

Matt - How is your Aunt doing?

Apr 20, 2012
She is doing better
by: Matt

Thanks for asking Bret,

She is doing a little better. She came home from the hospital last week. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance to speak with her since she returned home from the hospital.

She's made a few positive posts on Facebook. I've heard from family members that she is still very reserved and withdrawn, not the upbeat positive Kim that we're all used to.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers. I know from personal experience that recovering from depression can be a long and challenging process. And she has other health problems on top of her depression, so please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks again for asking,


Aug 19, 2015
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