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My name is Jay Montgomery and I am the Associate Pastor as well as Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Carrollton, Kentucky. I have served in Carrollton since 1996. In the course of time, I have had the opportunity to start a family myself, parent, and also transition here at the church into more of a "family minister" working with children, teenagers and their parents.

One of the heartbeats of our ministry is to equip parents and to be a resource for them as they embark on the "parenting journey'. We feel that Deuteronomy 6 reminds us of the importance of parents as the primary discipler of their children.

Jay Montgomery
Associate/Youth Minister

We feel that one of the best ways that we can serve parents is to partner with them and equip them. One of the ways that we do this is through a weekly Parenting Resource newsletter. Because of my position and access to various ministry resources on the internet, I try to filter information, do the leg work, and compile a parenting resource with information about adolescent development, raising children, youth culture links and studies, other websites to visits, book recommendations, occasional videos, and some basic hands on help for the parent all on one page. In addition to these parenting resources, I will also add upcoming events, details, and some hands on help with what our children and teenagers are learning throughout the week, and how to apply that content to their lives at home.

I have been compiling and filtering much of the information for awhile now. Passing along nuggets and some of the most beneficial pieces of information in regards to raising children and teenagers. I hope that you find this a worthwhile resource.

By submitting your email address in the form below, you will have access to these mailing and parenting resources that usually take a week or so to compile, read through, and process. All of this information at your fingertips in a single newsletter already compiled and filtered. Enjoy!

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