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July 2013 News

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     This is an appeal for not changing. It is an appeal to carry on the habits of the faith that keep us near Christ and in God’s will no matter the changes around us or in us—no  matter where you live, when you live, or who parks next door. These are the anchors that keep us near the God who walks with us through change.

     Change comes, and the inevitable question follows: Now what?

     Get in, and stay in, the triangle.   

     First, there is the role of Scripture. As 2 Timothy 3:16 notes, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be equipped for every good work.” Feel free to unpack that verse word by word to better understand the role of Scripture in your life. While I can pile your arms with good books about the Bible, there is no replacing the Bible in your spiritual develop-ment. The Scriptures are our first step and connection with God. Read. 

     Second, there is the role of prayer. The calm and silence (or the celebration and noise) of prayer is at the heart of learning about God and walking with God. Jesus warns us that it is not a matter of drowning God with words, as if He is moved by volume (Matthew 6:7). Instead, we pray knowing that our Father knows our need before we even ask (6:8). God’s uncluttered knowledge of us requires that we speak to Him with honesty and a sense of His care. Whenever, however, you find a way, pray.

     Third, there is the role of community. We call this community a church, and it literally means “assembly,” but it is more than a gathering. It is a people and a way, a Sunday gathering and a family. It is the discipline of gathering with others to worship, to encourage, to give, and to share the good news of Jesus to the world. It is the place that pulls us from the privacy of faith into public confession. Where and when you can, gather.

     Simple ideas, but transforming in practice. So, practice, practice, practice!

Family Cook-out @ Point Park


July 14   1 PM

Hot dogs/drinks provided

Children's Ministry

Kids Camp is scheduled for July 26-28 @ Potter’s Ranch in N. KY. At this writing we have 23 kids and parents signed up and raring to enter a weekend of faith-building!

First Baptist Preschool is finishing up enrollment for the 2013-14 year. Our school enrolls a maximum 36 children and only three spots remain (two in the 4 year-olds and one in the 3 year-olds). We have so much to celebrate.

Vacation Bible School was a great week. We enrolled 76 children, welcomed 35 adult workers, and collected over $600 for the missions offering. Additionally, our team fed the children nightly. Many thanks!

Youth Ministry

Youth Camp was June 10-14 @ Cedarmore Baptist Camp, and we have hardly witnessed such praise for a week’s visit. Much praise to Jay and Lisa Nab for chaperone duties.

Community Service

Feed the Children came on Tuesday, June 11, and found 90 volunteers awaiting a semi-truck of groceries. Boxes for drive-thru were processed that day, and remaining boxes went to the food pantry and Northern Kentucky Community Action Agency for future use. Great, great work by everyone involved.

July Notes

[ ] Thursday, July 4: Office Closed

[ ] Sunday, July 7: Lord’s Supper

[ ] Sunday, July 14: Family Cook-Out

August Notes

[ ] Wednesday, August 14: Church Picnic

An Invitation

Noah White’s Departure

Bro. Chris and Jennifer invite the church to stop by the fellowship hall on July 28, 

3 -5 PM, for Noah’s send-off gathering. 

Food, memories, and encouragement are on the menu for Noah as he prepares for his arrival in Japan.

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