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Nerf Nights and Jesus-
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Last night, our youth room was a happening place illuminated by black lights and camera flash barrels on the tips of nerf guns. Couches were turned, tables covered, standups were mounted, bunkers were created, music was cranked up while students competed 3 on 3 in Nerf Nite 2.

Up front, many would deem this merely as another fun night for kids, which it was... but something greater was taking place as well. Students were being served by adults: the adults fed them, helped with clean up, refereed the event, carried on conversations, and helped create an evening that was about so much more than nerf guns.

During one of the intermissions, I also had the opportunity to preach and use the nerf games as an illustration for the students. For some of them gathered last night, it was the first time that they heard about Jesus, His mission, and the gift that He provided with His life. I am always amazed at how fresh and new that message appears to students- many listening as if it is the first time they have ever heard The Good News. This is why we use Nerf Nights, Super Bowl Parties, and an occasional hamburger eating contest.

We want students in our community to experience something so much grater than themselves or a fun game. We want to continue to be a place and a ministry that points them to Jesus in all directions. I am still very grateful to be working with students and I am excited for what God will be doing in our student ministry over the next few months.

In a few weeks, we are introducing LifeChange March 11, which will occur 4:30-5:15 each Sunday night before youth group. There will be six sessions offered to students. LifeChange will be small group sessions where we will teach the basics of the Christian faith. It is open to both youth and parents. We hope to help answer some of the many questions young students have about the faith.

If your teen is asking those tough/ difficult questions about the faith, please utilize some of our parent resources available: Many books in my personal library, magazine articles and parenting magazines, parenting workshops every couple of months, our facebook parent ministry page just to mention a few.

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