Need Prayer for Depression

by John

Please pray that the Lord will heal me from depression and restore me.

Pray that He will guide and direct me. Pray that He will open the door for the right job He wants me to have that I need.


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Jan 04, 2012
It will get better if you trust God
by: Matt

Hi John,

I know first hand how devastating depression can be. In October of 2001 I went through a severe bout of depression.

I missed 3 months of work and came very close to loosing my job. I spent much of that time in a mental hospital under suicide watch.

This sickness came out of nowhere. Nothing really triggered it other than a chemical imbalance in my head. I really didn't see a way out.

I prayed and pleaded to God every day to take this depression away. Due to the nature of depression I honestly didn't think I would ever get better. But I knew if there was any chance at all for me to get better, it would be the work of God. He and only He could have gotten me through that time.

God made a way. He sent my wife to me from another state (girl friend at the time) and she helped me through this terrible time in my life.

As terrible and awful as this time in my life was (couldn't imagine anything worse) , I can now look back and know that God had a plan. He used this sickness as a tool to shape my life for the better.

In hind site it's very clear what God had in mind. At the time I couldn't understand why God would put me through such a terrible thing. Just seemed very cruel...

Now I have an awesome wife and wonderful little boy that I am confident I would not have if it weren't for the depression.

In a zillion years I would never have imagined my life as it is now during those dark days of my depression.

As impossible as it may seem right now, it will get better. God does have a plan for your life.

I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

Jan 05, 2012
by: Deb

John: Thank you for your prayer concern about depression and a job.

Thank you for including God in these areas. He is our guide.

Bro.Chris prayed for you this morning, and we have added you to our prayer list.

Apr 14, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
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