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"If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat" - John Ortberg.

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Last night at youth group, our Bible study was on Matthew 14:22-33, where Simon Peter exhibited a deep trust in Jesus by stepping out of the boat that he was in, and then walking on the water towards Jesus. He actually saw Jesus on the water first, during a storm, and then asked Jesus, "If it's really you, tell me to come to you on the water."

Learning to trust God

Jesus replied, "Come." Peter did, walked and then after a few moments began to sink and almost drown, to which Jesus responded, "You of little faith. Why did you doubt?"

When discussing this with the kids, I reminded them how often we look like Simon Peter, excited about Jesus, focused, very trusting of God and His word in the smaller things of church life. However, when the small stuff becomes big stuff and requires alot more from us...we hesitate and struggle with trust.

Trusting that God and His word are enough for the storms of life that we all will eventually face. A good follow up this week with your student would be to ask them the following questions based off of the passage in Matthew 14.

  • what is one area at school that you need to trust God more?
  • what is one are here at home that you need to trust God more?
  • what are you doing or reading that will strengthen your trust in God?

Winter Retreat Updates and Prep Sheet Scheduled

On Sunday night, December 18th, after the Youth Christmas Party, students will receive a packet of information about the trip, as well as ssome forms/releases. On the sheet, they will have a what-to-pack list, the schedule, how much spending money, emergency phone numbers, etc.

Please make sure they attend the Christmas party that night and gather all of the important details! Also, do not forget the winter retreat requirements: several still have to particpate in a service project and the giftwrapping fundraiser. See me for details or questions about the requirements.

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