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Labor day of love

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A Labor Day of Love

A unique angel in serving as a church pastor is being paid a salary through the offerings of the congregation.

When I was a member of a church and not pastor yet (a brief period), I gave little thought to the idea of a pastor living on the faith-inspired giving of other people. I gave my tithe and thought nothing of budgets and especially salaried staff. It was only when I was a drawing a salary from a country church in southern Illinois that I got a feel for things.

The feel was not always good. I began to see that a church's budget really is a matter of faith, both in each person's giving and the congregation's sense of purpose. On the personal side, these were real people with real families and real financial limits, and the faithful giving was not to be under appreciated. On the corporate side, a church was supporting a pastor and family and all the other needs of building and ministry. Everyone, to include the guy being supported by this giving, had to move forward by faith. God had to be trusted, and people had to trust one another.

Twenty-three years have passed since the first days in that country church, and I am very, very aware that every Labor Day as a day off is a reminder of the days I've been on-that is, employed as a pastor. My day of rest from labor this September reminds me that I have labored with salary and benefits for more than fifteen years with this church. And I am not alone. A few of us make a full-time living from this congregation. But this is only possible because people are trusting God through giving. People are making choices, living with less, and respecting limits for the sake of Christ and for the practical needs of a congregation.

On behalf of my family and the staff, I send my gratitude. Giving is hard, recessions are hard, and the choices are hard. We thank you for the opportunity to labor in Christ's name among you. The work is a gift, and you are a gift. Our trust in God is shared, and we'll continue to trust that He anticipates all of your needs.

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September News @ First Baptist


A day out in Florence as we dine at the Greyhound Grill!

Sept. 6     11 AM

Serving in September

  1. Consider assisting with middle school youth or Children in Action on Sunday evenings. See Jay or Deb Lewellyn for details.
  2. Care to drive the church bus? There is a niche for a few adults to bring children to Sunday School and church.
  3. A small group folds and preps this newsletter each month. An extra hand is always welcome. Contact Deb Lewellyn for the date and time.
  4. Consider the work of a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Carroll County. The office is on the third floor.

An October Reminder

White’s Run Baptist Association  

         Annual Meeting at First Baptist  

                     October 12/13

     It is our turn to host this meeting of churches. We provide the space, the music, and refreshments on Friday eve and prep for a lunch on Saturday.

Fall Revival  October 14-17

     Our Fall Revival with Chris Platte (Crestwood Baptist Church) is just around the corner. Our regular round of Sunday AM at church and Sunday PM at Butler for the bean supper blast is in order. We’ll bring the musicians out again, not to mention the Pesky Youth v.s. Adults kickball rematch.


     Pray for the preparation of our revival. Many details must be put into place for such a week. Pray as well for yourself. This week can be a great time for reaffirming faith in Christ and solidifying the habits of the heart that carry us through a day. Expect that God will be meet you at these meetings.

Big Brothers Big Sisters/Carroll County


Saturday, Sept. 29     9 AM

Please pick up a packet and raise money for a great work in the community!

Servant Opportunities for August, 2012

Servant Opportunities for September, 2012

Deacon of the week

Sept. 2 Jack Duncan

Sept. 9 Jim Stephenson

Sept. 16 David Wilhoite

Sept. 23 David Mefford

Sept. 30 David Allen


Sept. 2 Vernon & Marcie States

Sept. 9 Ronnie & Mary Frances Mefford

Sept. 16 Bill & Melanie Lewis

Sept. 23 Bret & James Ryan

Sept. 30 Tim & Patty Harrison


Sept. 2 Robin Smith & Debbie Cull

Sept. 9 Stacie Darnold & Jennifer Duncan

Sept. 16 Lora Pelston & Erin Mahoney

Sept. 23 Glenda Hopper & Deb Lewellyn

Sept. 30 Pat Welty & Susan Benecke

Children’s Church

Sept. 2 Chad & Angela Franklin

Sept. 9 Rob & Traci McBurney

Sept. 16 Matt & Kristine Brown

Sept. 23 Dave & Robin Huesman

Sept. 30 Jason & Stacie Darnold

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