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“On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit…”

This is a small phrase, but it is revealing.

For John in exile on Patmos, it refers to a Lord’s Day gathering and his description of the prayerful, worshiping experience of the day. He was on Patmos, far from Judea, but he was in the Spirit. He was enduring the hardship of old age far from home, but he was in the Spirit. The latter “location” was by far the most defining for him.

It is a challenging idea. We have our own sense of place when we gather for the Lord’s Day, and we have a good bit invested in this place. We also walk in with a fair share of the world’s worries in our head. But there is a greater invitation than these details on Sundays. The invitation from God is to be “in the Spirit.” It is an invitation to gather intentionally and to intentionally seek God.

How can we worship “in the Spirit”? The marks of the Spirit of God in our lives are clear from Scripture: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22). To be in the Spirit, then, might mean that we first look toward God and see that these traits describe Him. This is how he sees us and deals with us (Psalm 103). Ask God for this rest as you worship. Sure, it may have been a rough week, and changes may be necessary, but nothing is gained in self-loathing.

But there is another angle. Look out on the people around you with these same eyes of the Spirit. Look at them with love, touch them with a touch of your joy, share your peace with them while you are together, etc. To be in the Spirit, I think, is to see life and people from more that the reality of the day’s moment. See yourself, your time, and your community from God’s perspective. More, share that Spirit-life with those around you.

There is more to the Lord’s Day than meets the eye.

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A Month of Sundays

May is a month unlike any other month in the year both in church and in our community. Please note the great elements waiting in our May gatherings.

May 6 8th Grade Graduates 11 AM

We have a great group of kids finishing middle school in May, and so we recognize them and their accomplishments this morning.

May 13 Mother’s Day/Scholarships 11AM

Beyond the grace of this day for honoring mothers, we annually award four scholarships from three different families from our church’s past.

May 20 Senior Day 11 AM

We are blessed to have a particularly crafty crew of high seniors graduating this year. Jay will honor them in the 11 AM service.

Platelet Drive in honor of Kameron begins at 12:30 PM and ends at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall. Please contact Lisa Nab for an appointment to give.

May 27 High School Graduation

While not an in-house affair, we celebrate the graduation of our seniors and the hard work of our many teachers. It is a day of celebration. Expect some special music in early worship that day.

Preschool Program

On Monday eve, May 14, we celebrate the conclusion of our third academic year in the preschool. It is quite the night. Our four year-olds head off to kindergarten well equipped for the work ahead of them. We have reason to be proud of our school and teachers.

Vacation Bible School

July 15-19 5:30-8:15 PM

Please mark your calendars for this great week of service and love to our children. It is a week to relax, cut loose, and celebrate with our kids the grace of God in Christ. Like last year, we’ll serve dinner before VBS each evening.

Read thru the Bible in a Year

On Sunday, August 5, we begin a walk through the Scriptures. We will publish a calendar of reading each week in the bulletin and in the newsletter (and give out a full year’s reading plan). More, the sermons will anticipate the week’s readings and follow suit. If you’ve never gotten through the whole Bible, this is your time to try it!

Fall Revival October 14-17, 2012

  • Chris Platte, associate pastor of Crestwood Baptist Church (Crestwood, KY), joins us.

  • Preparation for the event includes a short mission trip to Chicago the week before revival (fall break).

May Sermons

  • May 6 Essentials of Faith: Forgiveness
  • May 13 Essentials of Faith: Obedience
  • May 20 Essentials of Faith: Fellowship
  • May 27 Jay Montgomery preaching

Wednesday Eve 6:00PM

  • May 2 Is doubt bad?
  • May 16 Family Night (6:30 PM)
  • May 23 Finding Contentment
  • May 30 How do I pray for an enemy?

Servant Opportunities for January, 2012

    Deacon of the week
    May 6 Bill Welty
    May 13 Don Garner
    May 20 Tom Fornash
    May 27 Jack Duncan

    Greeters May 6 Jack & Carol Duncan
    May 13 David & Debbie Wilhoite
    May 20 Harold & Peggy Wiley
    May 27 Howard & Beverly Williams

    May 6 Pat Welty & Susan Benecke
    May 13 Charles & Jana Wilson
    May 20 Pam Williams & Michelle Montogmery
    May 27 Robin Smith & Debbie Cull
    We need nursery volunteers

    Children's Church
    May 6 Chad & Angela Franklin
    May 13 Rob & Tracy McBurney
    May 20 Matt & Kristine Brown
    May 27 Dave & Robin Huesman

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