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I recently re-read Proverbs 22:1 and shared it with my son one night for our devotion time. It reads, "A good name is more desirable than great riches..." We discussed what it means to have a goood name and a good reputation and why God speaks to us through the scriptures to 'desire a good reputation... more than wealth".

For an 8 year old, I had to use an example like always being honest so that when a teacher was in need of truth, they would seek out someone with a reputation of a truth-teller instead of a boy who has been caught in a few lies. I used the example of a teacher needing help for a special project from a student choosing a kid who was an encourager and helpful in class and not disruptive or disrespectful in past endeavors. I reminded him how long a reputation can follow you whether it's true or not. We also discussed why it was so important to develop character and a 'good name' that was pleasing to God.

Oftentimes, our culture models the opposite, win at all costs, succeed paying whatever the price, and that your character is compromisable in exchange for accomplishments. Last night,we had to ask the tough questions, but good questions, "does it matter who you are?", "does it matter what people think of you- why or why not?" "does it matter that you're a Montgomery, the son of Jay and Michelle-does that matter?" "why should we pay attention to our character and reputation?" Needless to say, it was a great conversation.

The bigger issue at hand is not just how he carries himself in Carrollton representing our family name, but helping him to understand that people will watch his life. My prayer for him as a father is for others to 'one day' watch the Jesus in his life that he is learning about today. The writer of Proverbs encourages us to really pay attention to our character- moreso than the pursuits of this world. The challenge for parents is to be able to back up and evaluate whether or not we are reinforcing this truth with our parenting strategies and the values we are communicating in our homes.

May we continue to encourage our kids to find their identity in Christ, and allow their love for Him to shine through in their lives. May their concerns not be for the luxuries of this world but for growing in the things of God, pursuing the things of God.


ATTENTION ALL PARENTS: Please attend our parent meeting this Sunday night, January 15th, 7:15pm in the youth room. I will be needing some help for upcoming events, and i would love to discuss some major spring and summer stuff as well.

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