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"Are You Celebrating Christmas In Front of Your Kids?"

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Turn a radio on, watch TV for about 15 minutes, buy a newspaper full of ads or walk into a mall and you will be overwhelmed by all of the various ideas and understandings of what makes Christmas....Christmas.

Christmas 2011

It's so easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed with society's expectations of an American Family Christmas. I find that the more connected that I am to my people, my church, and the scriptures this season, the better I can filter out the misplaced urgencies and attentions.

The difficulty is not really our perception of the Holiday season but the perception that is manifesting itself in our children and teenagers. Bigger, better, newer, faster, nicer, more expensive, upgrade, etc...that's what most kids are hearing through various outlets.

We have to be very intentional as families to model, shape and discuss the real meaning of Christmas to our children. In Deuteronomy 6:7 Moses commands parents to "impress God's word onto their children, to talk about these things all of the time and in their homes"...

Moses challenges parents to keep God's word and His ways at the forefront of all they do. When you think on this passage, Moses is commanding us to do more than simply speak of the things of God but to allow them to encompass our homes.

When it comes to celebrating the birth of Christ, don't just talk about it...why not allow the Christmas Story to be lived it out in front of them? Why not celebrate it more intentionally this year? Why not make a bigger deal about the birth of Christ this season than in years past? Maybe develop a new family tradition or two this year? May this season be focused and may it be a deep blessing to you and your family.

Try this...Schedule some intentional family nights. A classic Christmas movie/cartoon and popcorn, Christmas music and making cookies together to take to some neighbors, or do a community service project together like this Saturday at 9am at St. John's church. They need vehicles to help distribute food baskets in our community.

Visit a nursing home together and read the biblical Christmas story to a resident or shut in [Matthew 1:18-2:12, Luke 1:26-2:20], rent or buy The Nativity Story movie and watch it together and talk about it. Sign up as a family to volunteer for an hour or so as a Salvation Army Bell ringer!

Student Ministry Christmas Party

All students grades 6-12 will gather from 6-7pm on THIS Sunday in the youth room for our annual Christmas party. The doors/gameroom will open at 5:30pm. The evening will hold free food and drinks, games, music, giveaways, and a Christmas message geared for students.

Students are asked to bring a snack: either chips, cookies, fudge or something edible ;) We will have drinks available.

Family Night With Charlie Brown

Sunday Night, December 18th, 7pm in the youthroom at church, we will be showing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Snacks will be provided. We'll roll out the couches, fold out the chairs, and kids can bring blankets and gather on the floor if the like for the movie. This is open to anyone who would like to gather with us.

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