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Behind the Revival

Jennifer and I plan to see a musical in Louisville tonight to celebrate her birthday. A neat angle on this is the opportunity we’ll have through an old friend to get a backstage tour after the show. Clearly, the props and the people will look much different on stage than they will from our seats. While the nearness to the action will be great, we’ll also find that nothing looks quite as “real” when separated from staging and lighting and song.

I think there is some application here for our revival. There is something “staged” about a revival week, in that we plan them, organize them, and ask people to prepare for their parts. We are not Quakers entering a room and sitting in silence until someone shares a word from the Lord. (Wouldn’t that be an interesting Sunday morning?) We believe that God is experienced through these parts and people, Scripture readings and hymns, sermons and song. Because we believe this, we organize around them.

But there is something else afoot. Our real hope is an encounter with God. Our real thirst is a friendship with God. Our real prayer is the ability to see God in our time and place and need and joy. That is what we are seeking behind the props of people, musical selections, and sounds. As much as we show up in good spirits, there is a dogged determination—like Elijah at the cave in I Kings 19—that wants nothing less than a pure encounter with God. This is more than possible in our revival meetings, by the way.

Ironically, this behind-the-scene experience can and should be common. Sighting God behind the people and music is perhaps the only way to enjoy the people and music in church. We cannot make mini-idols of favorite people and favorite music and seasons in church life. God is way more than these favorites. No, the real work is to look behind the curtain. He is there. In fact, He is waiting. Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep search-ing, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the doors will be opened to you. For everyone who ask receives, and the one who searches finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8)

Please join us for the revival week and our goal of seeking Him together.

Bro. Chris

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October Schedule @ First Baptist

October Reminder

T White’s Run Baptist Association

Annual Meeting at First Baptist

October 12/13

It is our turn to host this meeting of churches. Friday eve is a worship service, with our musicians bringing music for the event. Saturday morning is a business session and sermon. We provide the space, the music, and refreshments on Friday eve and prep for a lunch on Saturday. All are welcome.

T Read-thru-the-Bible Schedule

The next ten weeks of our schedule is in this newsletter and available in the church at the entrances. Keep up the great effort! There is little to compare to the experience of seeking God in the solitary practice of reading Scripture. Read with faith, with patience, and with prayer.

T Fall Retreat for Youth: 11/30-12/1

See Jay for details.

Fall Revival October 14-17

Sun: 8:30/11:00 Mon-Wed: 7 PM

It is time for our annual revival.

What exactly should we expect?

  • Expect to be inspired by music. We’ll plumb the depths and corners of the church for musicians and vocalists for the meeting times. As always, we’ll leave so grateful for these people and the message they bring.
  • Expect to be confronted by our preacher. Chris Platte brings great experience and ability to our pulpit. He currently serves as associate pastor of Crestwood Baptist Church (Crestwood, KY). We should all anticipate a challenging series of sermons.
  • Expect to really enjoy our Sunday night bean supper gathering. This is our annual affair at Butler Park (back entrance), and it is always memorable. We’ll gather this year at 6 PM for dinner and music and hi-jinks.
  • Expect to learn why we follow Christ. It is the case that revivals are great to center us on the call to follow Christ. We always leave knowing that God is near and Christ’s call trumps all the other cards on the table.
  • Expect. Simply put, we must all enter the week with faith. Be in prayer for the revival, for yourself, for all those leading, and the ability of God to reveal Himself to us all in these meetings.
  • Expect conflicts with schedule. Try hard to join us each evening. It is worth it!

Servant Opportunities for October, 2012

    Deacon of the week
    October 7 Brad McNeil
    October 14 Roger Williams
    October 21 Vernon States
    October 28 Dean Hartley

  • Greeters
    October 7 Larry & Deb Lewellyn
    October 14 Michelle & Dhane Montegomery
    October 21 Jeff and Debbie Cull
    October 28 Dave & Robin Huesman

  • Nursery
    October 7 Charles and Jana Wilson
    October 14 Stacie Darnold & Jennifer Duncan
    October 21 Pam Williams & Michelle Montgomery
    October 28 Lora Pelston & Erin Mahoney

  • Children's Church
    October 7 Mike & Michelle Long
    October 14 Jay and Michelle Montgomery
    October 21 Ron & Kim Perkinson
    October 28 Chad & Angel Franklin

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