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A New Normal of Worship

New Normal of Worship

The Wednesday morning men’s breakfast is nearing the completion of a verse-by-verse walk through the book of Revelation. Needless to say, this apocalyptic vision deposits no few images in your brain before it is over.

For me, the images of worshiping multitudes have settled the deepest in my mind. Specifically, Revelation offers a “normal” experience of worship that seems far from the norm in my life. My favorite scene may be in Revelation 4:9-11. Here a group of seated elders (“to Him who sits on the throne, and to Him who lives forever and ever”) fall down and cast their crowns before God’s throne and join in a song about the worthiness of God. Obvious to me is the overwhelming presence of Good like we’ve not seen good. Obvious to me is the spontaneity of an uncluttered expression of faith and gratitude toward God.

To be clear, we are not living in an uncluttered world. There is an obvious difference between those worshiping in heaven and those of us worshiping on earth. We seek God with cloudy brains, bodies, and times. We are not free of the pressures and temptations of this world. We are not yet home, so it is hard to worship like those who already made it. Paul’s exposition of human life in Romans 7 is reason enough to give ourselves a break.

But there is a “normal” in Revelation that can be the normal on earth. No job, body, prison, or enemy denies us the joy of knowing and appreciating God’s faithfulness to us in Christ. Joy is the operative word, I think. Joy should be normal. Joy should be the inevitable outgrowth of speaking honest, intimate words of worship to God. If joy is missing, then worship is probably missing. True worship is not reserved for heaven. We gather to worship on Sundays, of course, but there is the opportunity to worship all days and at all times.

That is the Normal God offers us. There may be an experience of faith far more available than we realize.

Bro. Chris

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November News @ First Baptist

Fall Retreat for Youth:


Our youth join others from area churches for a weekend of shared faith and God’s grace.

Nerf-Nite for Kids (and immature adults)

Join us for this Friday nite fight of Nerf projectiles. We’ll run the usual round of rowdy games and enjoy a bit of pizza. Kids need to be with adults if they are too young to play on their own. See you at 6:30 PM on Friday, November 3.

An early reminder:

Annual Thanksgiving/

Christmas Dinner

December 5 6:30 PM

Please make plans to attend!

Seeking God?

Consider joining us on the Through-the-Bible reading plan. Just grab a schedule at either entrance of the church and jump in. God awaits us in Scripture reading in profound ways.

Take a great leap of musical faith and join the choir for the Christmas cantata. CD’s are available through Daniel. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons. There is nothing like the Cantata for all of us to experience the hope of Christmas.

Explore giving through the Operation Christmas Child boxes. The boxes are available in the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall. Please have them back by November 12-18. If you can, involve children as you do the work.

Take a trip to the third floor and visit Barbara at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office and inquire about being a Big for a child. This mentoring work is life- changing on both sides of the equation.

Join a Sunday School class. There is nothing like a Bible study to stir the juices of interest and spiritual growth. Good friends are waiting for you.

Pray. Change your schedule to include times of prayer to God. Pray in gratitude, in hope, and in expectation of His great nearness to your concerns. Learn to speak of God in the first person!

    Servant Opportunities for November, 2012

    Deacon of the week

    Nov. 4 Bill Welty

    Nov. 11 Tom Fornash

    Nov. 18 Jack Duncan

    Nov. 25 Jim Stephenson


    Nov. 4 Jack & Carol Duncan

    Nov. 11 David & Debbie Wilhoite

    Nov. 18 Harold & Peggy Wiley

    Nov. 25 Howard & Beverly Williams


    Nov. 4 Glenda Hopper & Deb Lewellyn

    Nov. 11 Pat Welty & Susan Benecke

    Nov. 18 Pam Williams & Michelle Montgomery

    Nov. 25 Robin Smith & Debbie Cull

    Children’s Church

    Nov. 4 Rob & Tracy McBurney

    Nov. 11 Matt & Kristine Brown

    Nov. 18 Dave & Robin Huesman

    Nov. 25 Mike & Michelle Long

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