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A Necessary Church

In the vein of the Where-would-the-world-be-without-you? question of the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I have asked this same question of our congregation, First Baptist Church. What would our lives, our community, and even the world be like without us? Are we as a congregation actually necessary?

A necessary church

The answers for me are plentiful and immediate. I do know the unique influence we bear on one another, our families, and this community. I do know that we influence one another to live, love, and work a certain way in this community. Our world is better because of our congregation. Yes, I would even say that we are necessary. A fair bit of work and leadership happens because of our congregation and the expression of faith in Christ that we are.

But there is another side to this. That is, we are not necessary in the sense of being inevitable. We are not “necessary” in the sense that God’s Kingdom cannot go on without us. It does and He will. As we see in the seven churches of Revelation, congregations are not eternal. God is eternal, and we will live eternally, but these local manifestations of faith are not. All this is to say that the faith-basics of a congregation matter for the future of a congregation.

We must all see ourselves and our service to Christ as necessary for our congregation to thrive. We must all pray, study, fellowship, serve, and give as necessary agents in this work of God. Congrega-tions do not thrive accidentally, neither do they disappear accidentally. This is actually hopeful news. God uses the faith and heart of us all to share His grace and reach this world.

You are necessary. Always have been. Always will be.

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January @ First Baptist

Leadership Summit

Thank you for the great Christmas ministry!

Worship Choir’s Cantata

Handbell Choir

Early Worship Band

Angel Tree gifts

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Sunday School class projects

Kitchen Crew: Christmas Dinner

Janice Spencer &

Michelle Stewart for decorations

Wednesday Men’s Group

The men’s breakfast group meets at 6:30-7:15 AM each Wednesday for biscuits, scratch gravy, and eggs. Oh, for Bible study, too. As a new angle, the men will explore the beliefs of Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and other groups active in our community. All men are welcome to gather.

Reading through the Bible

Please continue the great work of reading, prayer, and reflection into 2013. The reading schedules are available at both entrances of the building. Even if you did not start in August, you can begin now. None of us will regret the time we’re giving to this study. In addition, the Sunday morning sermons are centered in this reading schedule.

Year’s End and Giving

Once again we can all thank God for the resources He gave and the willingness we found in our hearts to share them—both with Him and one another. It is no small effort to support this church financially. Give thanks!

ServaServant Opportunities for January, 2013

Deacon of the week

Jan. 6 Tom Fornash

Jan. 13 Jack Duncan

Jan. 20 Jim Stephenson

Jan. 27 David Wilhoite


Jan. 6 Mike & Diane Gordon

Jan. 13 Jim & Mary Ruth McNeal

Jan. 20 Glendy & Diane Sea

Jan. 27 Randy & Tara Mefford


Jan. 6 Robin Smith & Debbie Cull

Jan. 13 Stacie Darnold

Jan. 20 Lora Pelston & Erin Mahoney

Jan. 27 Glenda Hopper & Deb Lewellyn

We need volunteers

Children’s Church

Jan. 6 Jeff & Cas Robbins

Jan. 13 Dave & Robin Huesman

Jan. 20 Matt & Kristine Brown

Jan. 27 Chris & Christian Melton

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