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Busy Weekend April 27-29th!

Beginning Friday at 8am, students who are able to participate, will be going without food for 30 hours. It's called the 30-hour famine. It's an opportunity for students to experience hunger for a small moment in time- 30 hours. After breakfast on friday morning starting at 8am- students will go without food until 2pm on Saturday. In exchange for the Famine, we are asking students to make a donation/offering that weekend at youth group/Sunday School that will be sent into World Vision to combat world hunger.

While this is going on, to help time pass by a little quicker for those 'going without food', we are simultaneously hosting a "Cardboard City" to help our students reflect on homelessness. If it rains after 4pm on friday, we will cancell the Cardboard City aspect of the weekend. Students will be sleeping outside in boxes during the night. This event will be at our house in the driveway carport area, 801 sycamore street, going from 8pm-8am. Chaperones are my wife and I, Kim Graves, and another parent TBA.

This Sunday morning at 11am- we are wanting to recognize parents and youthworkers at the Sunday morning church service. We are strongly encouraging students to consider gathering with us on this morning service as we celebrate this past school year. Following the service, Melanie Lewis will be hosting an Autism Awareness luncheon fundraiser. Our students have been asked to help serve the meal.

Reading Bibles On Their Own

In every place that students have the opportunity to gather in the realm of our student ministry, they are being encouraged to read their Bibles on their own. At the breakfast groups, we are asking them about reading their Bibles; at Sunday School we are asking them about reading their Bibles; at youth group we are asking them if the have been reading their Bibles in the past week. Please help us to encourage students to develop this discipline in their lives and to be bringing their Bibles to these gatherings.

Bible reading is a habit that we are trying to develop and nurture in our students-something that will foster spiritual growth far more than their few years of attendance in youth group. Please keep in mind that no one has asked them to eat the whole elephant, but to take small bites of scripture and to make a daily effort out of Bible reading. For the next few weeks, all small groups, Sunday School and both youth groups will be studing the book of Mark chapters 2-3- which would be a great place to encourage them to be reading! Thank you for your time and trust.

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