Welcome to First Baptist Church

"First Baptist Church is committed to connecting our community to Christ through public faith and services."

The operative word around the people of First Baptist Church is Connecting.

The word reflects what we believe about God: through the coming of Jesus Christ we see our God reaching out to a disconnected world.

It is His will that He live connected to us, and through Jesus Christ He affords the way for us to live connected to Him. In simplest terms, God wants disconnected people connected: trusting and following Him.

But connecting also reveals what we believe about each other. We are not designed to live alone, to live apart, or to make faith in Christ a home correspondence course. God asks that we live connected to the people who make up our families, neighborhoods, and church fellowship. This requires great humility, of course, so it is not so popular. But it is the only way to be faithful to God's vision for human life.

We hope you'll join us soon.

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